Official transom regulations

Bahamian Regatta Sloops

While watching a race from Regatta Point this year, I overheard a tourist ask where she could find out where each boat is from.*

We thought for a minute….the regatta program? (no); the boards at the regatta site displaying historical winners? (yes, but only for the winning boats); the transoms of the boats? (sometimes, if it is painted there and you are close enough to read it).

Ok, well…organizing information is one of ‘my things,’ so I’m presenting an incomplete list of what I could dig up.  I looked through my own regatta pictures that I have taken at every regatta I’ve attended.  I also looked through the last few years of photos available on the National Family Island Regatta Facebook group – special thanks to Doc Fig for consistently recording regatta history there! I also did some Googling to see what else I could find but I really didn’t turn up much of this sort of information.  It definitely needs recording!

Please leave a comment here on the blog post if you see errors, know of **additional** boats, and/or can help fill in any blanks.  I will update as it comes in!

Also, if anyone knows the exact specifications for the size of each class…please tell me!

P.S. I’m not prepared to tackle the task of describing Bahamian regattas or the sailing sloops.  But let me direct you to this post by another blogger!  Here is some detail about the origin of these regattas, and here is a PDF file of the official rules for the National Regatta.

*These sailing sloops are generally owned and maintained by members of a particular settlement on an island.  As such, they are a major source of pride and joy for the people and location they are associated with.

A Class

Class Name Number Home Port
A Abaco Rage 11
A Ed Sky Nassau
A Good News Ragged Island
A Lady Muriel 17 Staniel Cay, Exuma
A New Courageous 02 Ragged Island
A Original Courageous 20 Nassau
A Red Stripe 81 Black Point, Exuma
A Ruff Justice 10 Long Island
A Running Tide 05 Long Island
A Rupert’s Legend A1 Mangrove Bush, Long Island
A Silent Partner
A Southern Cross 19
A Tida Wave 16 Staniel Cay, Exuma

B Class

Class Name Number Home Port
B Ant’s Nest 06 Ragged Island
B Barbarian II 4 Acklins
B Blue Shadow Hartswell, Exuma
B Cobra 17 Mayaguana
B Eudeva 20 Mayaguana
B Heathcliff 09 Andros
B Lady in Red Lovely Bay, Acklins
B Lady Nathalie 1 Acklins
B Lady Sonia 24 The Cottage, Exuma
B Lonesome Dove 18 Hope Town, Abaco
B Queen Drucilla 07 Mason’s Bay, Acklins Island
B Rowdy Boys Pin-Ah Long Island
B Storr #2
B Susan Chase Mangrove Bush, Long Island
B Tari Anne 33 George Town, Exuma
B Whiplash 2 Hard Hill, Acklins

C Class

Class Name Number Home Port
C Barbarian Mason’s Bay, Acklins
C Beerly Legal 55 Long Island
C Bul Reg  17 The Cottage, Exuma
C Bye Gully Staniel Cay, Exuma
C Captain Laurin Knowles 73 Long Island
C Catch da Cat 777 Cat Island
C Crazy Partner 18 Black Point, Exuma
C Dream Girl 49 Rolleville, Exuma
C Flash Acklins
C Fugitive 28 Rolleville, Exuma
C Golden Girl 04 Buck Town, Exuma
C H2O 47 Black Point, Exuma
C Here Comes Trouble Rolleville, Exuma
C Hog Tusk 711 Barreterre, Exuma
C Irene Goodnight 20 Farmer’s Cay, Exuma
C It Ain’t Right Hope Town, Abaco
C Jacobs Ladder 41 Pirates Well, Mayaguana
C Keep Your Eyes On ‘Em 45 Rolleville, Exuma
C King and Nights 107 Mason’s Bay, Acklins
C Lady B Barreterre, Exuma
C Lady Diane
C Lady Eunice 03 Black Point, Exuma
C Lady Margaret Mayaguana
C Legal weapon 33 Black Point, Exuma
C Melva B 74 Mangrove Cay, Andros
C Pot Cake 07 Barreterre, Exuma
C Queen (Four C’s) Rolleville, Exuma
C Raging Bull 23 Rolleville, Exuma
C Revelation 3:19 34 Black Point, Exuma
C Sacrifice C1 Cartwright’s, Long Island
C San Sally San Salvador
C Smashie 40 Black Point, Exuma
C Sweet Island Gal 57 Long Island
C Termite Great Exuma
C Thunderbird
C Two Friends [lost at sea while being towed by a mail boat] Black Point, Exuma
C Unca John 117
C Warrior 06 Barreterre, Exuma
C Whisper Acklins
C Whitty K 44 Long Island
C Xena 90 Long Island

E Class

Class Name Number Home Port
E Armageddon Nassau
E Bahamas Hot Mix Nassau
E Bluebird Nassau
E Donzie Acklins
E Gold Rush Little Creek, Andros
E Judgement D 07 Andros
E Jumpin Jack The Cottage, Exuma
E Lady Kayla 17 The Cottage, Exuma
E Lauren George Town, Exuma
E Lucayan Tropical
E Old Faithful Nassau
E One Bahamas Exuma
E Q Exuma
E Scholarship II 02 Moss Town, Exuma
E The Panther 04 Exuma

Mystery Boats – Need info!

Class Name Number Home Port
Jungless 29 Rolleville, Exuma
Lady Ruthnell
Palm Cay Princess Nassau
Staying Alive
Official transom regulations

Official transom regulations


Barraterre Regatta and Homecoming

Barraterre is a town at the very top of Exuma.

Last weekend was a long weekend, and it’s also the biggest weekend of the year for Barraterre: There is a “work boat” regatta coinciding with 4 day celebration of their community.  I wasn’t familiar with the word homecoming being used outside of a dance I probably didn’t go to, but this type of gathering is a homecoming.

But let’s start with the Regatta.  This is actually a very cool thing that runs a circuit throughout the islands.  Bahamians have a traditional way of sailing wooden sloop boats about 20 feet long.  Just have they historically done, they continue to keep it low tech: cotton sails, no computer technology, and very unlike America’s Cup races…these guys start from a dead stop.  Best part? the crew sits out on planks to balance the boat.  To switch sides, they have to quickly get in, switch the side the plank hangs out of, and scooch back out.  Check out the photo!


The Homecoming was also really great.  It was like a large picnic with your entire town.  There were speeches and dancing, local food, Rake and Scrape music, games, and booze.  It turns into a huge party at night – apparently it went till 6am the night before.

But during the day it was super family friendly.  Fishermen cleaning fish in their boats right behind the food tents, gossiping, sitting around, kids swimming, etc.  What paradise are we in?