Meet Shots!

You may have seen some hints about this in the last couple of posts.  I’m honestly not sure why it took so long for us to introduce her here, but we adopted the cutest, chillest, most Bahamian dog in the world.  We named her Shots, after the greeting that we use with our friends here.  Walk into a bar where your friends are already hanging out?  “SHOTS!”

* Note: We pretty much never actually do shots, but it’s been known to have happened.

Shots pier

There are plenty of stray dogs.  This is not America, where dogs are coddled.  They live outside in the elements, don’t go to the vet or get groomed, and eat chicken bones.  The first dog we met in the Bahamas was eating a dinner of straight-up chicken bones.  Alarmed, we told the owner, who replied “she’s a Bahamian dog.  They can eat chicken bones.”  While that still doesn’t make it a good thing to give to a dog, it speaks to the cultural difference in pet-ownership attitudes, as well as the incredible resilience of this defacto breed of mutt.

On the islands, there is not a lot of new variety introduced to the dog gene pool.  There is also close to nothing on the doggie-birth control scene.  What’s emerged is a Caribbean breed of mutt called a potcake.  Shots is a potcake.  To understand what a potcake is, you have to know two things about the Bahamas.

  • The staple side dish of every meal is peas and rice.  Not green peas, but lentil-looking things.  It’s very flavorful and the good kind probably includes all sorts of grease and fish juice that I don’t want to know about.
  • When you make peas and rice, the bottom of the pot ends up with a crusty “cake.”  This is what you feed the dog, because dog food is frivolous.  Thus, the name potcake.  (By the way, Shots eats puppy chow.)

They are sturdy and resourceful dogs.  With Shots, she seemed to instinctually run to the shade underneath cars when we first brought her home.  I think our house may have been her first time inside anything.

We take her out all the time, which is a weird thing to do here and gets us lots of looks.  Good thing she’s so cute!  We want her to be social and comfortable in all situations: we take her on the boat, to get dinner or drinks, to the beach – which she LOVES – and just around town.

I think she grows a little each time we feed her.  I keep telling her to stop, but she’s not listening.  As she’s starting to settle and grow, her personality is starting to come out, and I think we got really, really lucky.  Having a dog hanging out with you is pretty freaking cool.

Here’s a bonus video.  Shots’ best friend and look-alike, Chance, taught her how to get in the water.  She had previously been too scared!