We did the craziest thing either of us have done.  After taking a desperate chance on a vacation in February 2014, we came back home to San Francisco and immediately began plotting our return back to this amazing place.

We got out of our leases, and packed up.  Whatever we didn’t sell ended up in storage, and our friends are babysitting our cars.

And so, at the end of May, we landed in Exuma.

Why “Exuma Okaaaay?”  You have to go with the flow around here.  Okaaayyy….



One thought on “About

  1. Just discovered your blog and looking forward to reading about your Exuma adventure! I wouldn’t mind corresponding more about it, as it might make an interesting piece for my own blog (www.littlehousebytheferry.com) I hear so many folks asking HOW they can make their dream of living in the Bahamas a reality — would be nice to share a story of a couple who made it happen. Get in touch with me through my blog if you’d be willing to share your tale.

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