El Faro finds

Sometime around the 24th or 25th of this month, cargo that is thought the be from the sunken El Faro started washing up along the entire island of Exuma and surrounding Cays.  The news spread on Facebook and people headed to the shore to ‘salvage’ what was washing up.  Salvaging is an old Bahamian practice of collecting goods from sunken ships.  In some historical cases, the ships were deliberately misled into crashes so that the cargo could be claimed.  In The Ferry, Little Exuma, there is a small church which was built entirely from materials salvaged from an (accidentally) sunken ship.

The El Faro debris has deposited hundreds of Frontline tick-prevention medication for pets across various beaches. There are also lots of tubes of mini-m&ms (predominately empty), lots of hypodermic needles (for diabetes), mayonnaise packets, and various Avon products (like deodorants).  It sort of feels like this must be coming from a container for a Drug Store. We might be able to find out – there is a rumor that part of a container ran aground on Duck Cay, which is a rock we’ve been to many-a-weekend.

It’s definitely weird to associate these finds with the drowned sailors aboard the ship.  They must have been so near to us.  I do like the idea that anything useable that washed up is going to be used.  This stuff is getting cleaned up off of the beach one way or another.  The local vet office is going to receive a bounty of donated Frontline, that’s for sure.


6 thoughts on “El Faro finds

  1. PEGGY says:

    Just last night (10/31) we heard news that the navy had located what they believed to be El Faro. While a tragic event for the souls lost & families affected, what a blessing that the items washing up will be put to good use there. Must be very eerie.

    • We have ticks and they are relentless! The tick medication (and heartworm prevention meds) are a must for a healthy pet. It’s expensive, though, so not everyone does it. Hopefully this will help in some way

  2. Such a sad story about the El Faro and her crew. I read that similar items have been washing up on the south/central Bahamian islands that were so hard hit by Joaquin. There’s something poignant about people who’ve lost everything in a storm receiving toiletries and supplies from the sea.

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