The Car Arrives

The car has arrived on Exuma and is strutting around town!

John worked tirelessly with the company that handled customs after the car arrived in Nassau.  They were meant to get the car on the boat from Nassau to George Town the week the car arrived….but it didn’t happen.  The boat is an overnight passenger, car, and cargo ferry that only travels to George Town twice a week.  But the real cause of the delay was the surge in traffic to Exuma leading up to the Rolleville homecoming.  It’s a pretty big party, and people bring their cars over from other islands…which meant our car couldn’t get a ticket to ride!

When it finally did get on the boat on Nassau, John spotted its arrival to Exuma from our porch at about 7 am the next morning.  We rushed to the dock to watch the boat unload…and it was a scene!  People were picking up friends, family, and/or pallets of stuff.  Two forklifts had come with the boat and began quickly unloading.  It was loud, busy and entertaining.  It looked as if someone had even shipped themselves a dog in a kennel.

But our car!  About a half hour after the unloading began and three or four cars had been driven off, we could see it.  The real moment of truth came when a worker got in and DROVE IT on to the dock…it runs!

Buying a car on the Internet is harrowing, to say the least.  I think we got really lucky – it’s in better shape than we expected and it’s sexy!  Since it’s from Japan, name possibilities so far are Sushi and Miyagi.  We’re relieved, excited, and mobile.


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