Makin’ Dirt

As guests in the Bahamas, we are super excited to both learn and teach environmental awareness and resourcefulness. Not knowing how to live without our green compost cart in the ‘hoods of San Francisco, we decided that we must start composting and trying to grow some some food of our own!

We started our composting project by talking with the locals.  Surprisingly, most of the people we talked to are already composting in one way or another, and a common theme emerged: seaweed.  More on that in a sec.

We researched on the Internet, and not knowing how long we’ll be in Exuma, we found an impatient-American-friendly composting method known as “Rapid Composting”.  Then, we struck out to the nearest pile of abandoned pallets in the woods (ours is about 2mi away). We stuffed 4 pallets in our rental Corolla, dragged them home, and a few zip ties later we had our compost bin!

After reading the links below, we learned that the locals’ seaweed tip is spot-on.  It has super high amounts of Nitrogen, which is needed to balance out the high-Carbon things like pine needles and fruit waste in the pile, to hit the 30:1 C:N ratio and get our hot composting going!

Sadly, the only place we knew to find pine needles and seaweed was at a beautiful remote beach down a dirt road, where the ankle-deep crystal water reveals hundreds of sand dollars, and a nearby settlement (town) had showed up to throw a beach party that day… 🙂


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