A lot of people rely on getting long distances by hitch hiking (“hiking”).  I’ve seen some bus stops on the main road, but I’ve never seen an actual bus.  Not sure if there are any.

We try to contribute by picking people up when we can.  It seems to really surprise the locals when two white people stop…we do indeed look like tourists and I guess tourists don’t usually pick up hikers.  The other day, we picked up a farmer heading into George Town with two plastic bags full of produce.  I’d imagine it’s probably easy to sell fresh produce here because the grocery store tends to run out as the week goes on.

During the ride, he showed us printed pictures of his family that he carries around.  And we bought some GIANT scallions, jalapeno peppers, and some thyme.




4 thoughts on “‘Hiking

  1. Peggy Shuping says:

    All SO interesting as you integrate yourselves there. I imagine that you are becoming very well-liked & popular! The other day on The Today Show on NBC, the hosts were giving tributes to their dads for a Father’s Day special. Al Roker, the weather guy, announced that his dad was from Exuma!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Meg. They are dinky donkey speed busses called “jitney’s”.. People could wait for days for one to arrive. It’s different in Nassau… More of a schedule, still a modern version of a donkey. Find a local fisherman and befriend him!!!!! Xoxo

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