Barraterre Regatta and Homecoming

Barraterre is a town at the very top of Exuma.

Last weekend was a long weekend, and it’s also the biggest weekend of the year for Barraterre: There is a “work boat” regatta coinciding with 4 day celebration of their community.  I wasn’t familiar with the word homecoming being used outside of a dance I probably didn’t go to, but this type of gathering is a homecoming.

But let’s start with the Regatta.  This is actually a very cool thing that runs a circuit throughout the islands.  Bahamians have a traditional way of sailing wooden sloop boats about 20 feet long.  Just have they historically done, they continue to keep it low tech: cotton sails, no computer technology, and very unlike America’s Cup races…these guys start from a dead stop.  Best part? the crew sits out on planks to balance the boat.  To switch sides, they have to quickly get in, switch the side the plank hangs out of, and scooch back out.  Check out the photo!


The Homecoming was also really great.  It was like a large picnic with your entire town.  There were speeches and dancing, local food, Rake and Scrape music, games, and booze.  It turns into a huge party at night – apparently it went till 6am the night before.

But during the day it was super family friendly.  Fishermen cleaning fish in their boats right behind the food tents, gossiping, sitting around, kids swimming, etc.  What paradise are we in?


3 thoughts on “Barraterre Regatta and Homecoming

  1. Colleen says:

    What a great way to spend the day – lucky you to experience it. Maybe you can take a dance lesson and get to wear one of those outfits! Thanks for keeping this blog up. I miss you and John – it’s Sunday and wish you both were here for dinner.

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