Now? Now?

Let’s be real, I use Amazon Prime and like my packages to arrive on time. Waiting for our used car to arrive from Japan is like torture!  Thankfully, HMS Morning Concert made it safely through the Panama Canal, and arrived in Jamaica.  She is only 350mi away now, but it will probably be June 30th before she arrives in Nassau, at which point our friendly customs brokers will clear her, and put her on the twice-a-week mail boat to Exuma!

In the meantime, our rental Corolla is handling the dirt roads just fine.

For those of you that didn’t hear about the car- customs duty is 65-85% of (the value of the car plus shipping).  Plus getting your car to a boat in Florida from California.  Forget that- lots of locals order their cars from Japan because there’s a huge cheap used car market and they will ship to you in almost any country.  Pick a car, select your destination country, and they’ll put it on the boat. Vehicle + shipping from Japan + duty still works out less than sending our existing car from California! (Shout-out to those friends keeping our California cars safe 🙂



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