First night on the island

The first night in a new place is always exciting.  Usually, I’ll wake up in the morning initially confused, not immediately remembering where I am, and then realize ‘oh yay I’m in this new exciting place!’.

After leaving SFO on Tuesday, flying all night and all Wednesday morning to get here to Exuma, we went to bed in the hotel and forgot to close the screen door.

At 4am, we awoke to a curious ‘dink-dink, dink, dink-dink’ sound.  Upon turning on the light and looking around, I realized it was a giant land crab in our room!  At first I jumped on the bed so as not to lose any extremities, and then I was awake 🙂  The crab had found the metal legs of the upright fan in our room, and seemed to be enjoying the sound it made when tapping his toes on it!

I gave the crab a glaring look and he skulked his way out of the room back into the yard!



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